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We cannot stress enough the importance of eliminating the use of Chemical-based cleaning products. Below are 5 reasons why this is so important:

Studies show that using a chemical base household spray even as little as once a week can increase the risk of asthma, which is today one of the most common illnesses.’

The risk of using chemical-based conventional cleaning products poses so many risks, such as chemical burns to skin and eyes. Our organic products meet strict standards regarding inhalation toxicity, combustibility, and skin absorption.

Transparency of every ingredient included within the cleaning products. Cruelty-free not having been tested on animals, which again – unfortunately, a lot of chemical cleanings products have been tested on animals.

Including natural and pleasant essential oils only in our Organic products. We are avoiding strong chemical odours, which are harmful to ingest.

We help reduce pollution in our waterways and air, which has never been more critical than now.

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Unfortunately, almost 2,500 children are admitted to hospital each year due to accidental poisonings. Many cleaning companies still use highly poisonous cleaning products that can cause severe damage to not only our environment but to people.

A lot of store-bought cleaning products, in particular antibacterial sprays and fabric softeners contain quaternary ammonium compounds. These chemical-based cleaning products can lead to diseases like cancer, reproductive abnormalities, respiratory problems, and allergic reactions.

We have made it our priority to only use Eco- Friendly cleaning products: Organic, Natural and Chemical-free. We have even now taken it a step further and have been working hard in production to create our very own Organic cleaning product.


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